Heartwarming Blooms and Party Decorations

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Deliver double the smiles at your next birthday party with pretty vases that bear a cheerful greeting along with beautiful blossoms. Jazz up ordinary vases with chalkboard paint. It works even on glass jars! Simply pain the vase with the paint, let dry and jot down a message.

You can also add pretty place cards where you can write the names of your guests, so they'll know where they will sit once dinner is served. And as if that's not enough, add personalized cozies on the table, so they can easily identify their drinks. To do: Apply two thin coats of chalkboard paint to foam can cozies, let dry and attach chalk with ribbon. Pretties like these make guests feel truly important.

If you need more party ideas and you want to make your gathering the most memorable, you may want to visit Bloominous. It's my favorite website when it comes to DIYs and floral arrangements. They specialize in wedding floral arrangements, but they also offer DIY kits for other occasions.


Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

There have been lots of weddings during the early months of this year, well, with people I know at least. From college friends to old high school classmates, it seems like this is the year they all decided to get married. A lot more are planned towards the end of this year and it's just feels funny watching seeing everyone eventually settle down. Because before all we could think of were keeping up with the latest trends and stuff. Now we're actually building foundations for our own families. Anyway, most of the brides are excited to plan their bridal shower and I thought robes would make a totally cute gift! find personalized robes here and tell me this isn't an awesome gift idea for brides!


Woodwind Instruments

I never really thought of woodwind instruments as something as fun as... let's say... drums. It's a bit on the dull side for me, I'm sorry if I'm going to offend anyone by saying this.

This is probably because of my musical preference, which falls heavy on the noisy side of the music industry. But then again, woodwind instruments would perfectly suit Power Metal songs. Well, aside from my musical preference, I always saw woodwind instruments as something you won't easily customize the sound of.

That's only until I heard about reeds, which apparently changes the way a woodwind instrument sounds once it's installed. Hmmm... by the way, you might want to check out some bassoon reed case at WWBW!


Watching over the Grandparents!

We tend to worry about my grandparents. Each of their kids, including my dad, are busy taking care of their own family that they rarely have time to watch over their own parents. But the again, we see to it that the family gets together every weekend.

But, I think, it's especially helpful that we have something like this assisted living management software to rely on. It's an easier way to keep track of medical records and what not. So that makes it easier for my dad, aunt, and uncle to see to it that my grandparents are both in good shape. Awesome!


Batman: Arkham Knight

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Have you guys seen the new Batman trailer? Damn... can't wait to get my hands on this one.

The Batmobile is available for some joy ride! xD

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